Open Contracting Projects

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Starts the week of

April 27 - May 1, 2015

Course ends on

June 15 - 19, 2015

Application Deadline

April 17, 2015

Passionate about fully realizing the promise of open contracting? Are you...

  • Working to increase the number of contracts that are publicly disclosed?
  • Interested in improving the quality of publicly available information on contracting?
  • Part of a project aimed enhanced accessibility to contracting data or increasing its strategic use?
  • Eager to develop strategies, increase opportunities and mechanisms for participation throughout all phases of contracting?
  • Exploring more timely and effective follow-up actions based on citizen monitoring feedback?

Course Description

Contracts are fundamental to how governments generate and spend. Contracts are at the nexus of revenue generation, budget planning, resource management and delivery of public goods. Contracts are at the core of how countries operate. Governments around the world spend an estimated US $9.5 trillion every single year through contracts. Yet, contracting information is often unavailable for public scrutiny. Adding to the problems stemming from lack of transparency, the resources spent through these contracts are often poorly managed or misappropriated. When companies, governments and citizens continue to get hit by ineffective and unfair contracting practices, theft and waste, everyone is paying the price. Ultimately, contracting that is not open undermines development for all. Open contracting refers to norms and practices for increased disclosure and participation in public contracting including tendering, performance and completion and it encompasses all public contracting, including contracts funded by combinations of public, private and donor sources. This group is designed for those with projects focusing on fully realize the promise of open contracting on all stages and contract types, from more basic contracts for the procurement of goods, to complex contracts, joint venture agreements, licenses and production sharing agreements.

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Online sessions will be held TBD

Course Duration: 8 weeks

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