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LDLN (Pronounced 'Landline')

Locally Distributed Logistics Network


When disaster strikes, communication and power infrastructures are lost for days or even weeks at a time. During this time, communications remain critical in informing decisions on resource allocation, medical attention, and financial aid. To this end, LDLN provides off-the-grid, decentralized communications networks for disaster relief agencies and medical professionals deployed to the field. Even without a power grid, cell signal, or Internet, relief agents enter rich field data into our mobile apps that auto-synchronize with LDLN Base Station for quick, accurate reporting at headquarters.


We provide the framework & technology for organizations and individuals to instantly communicate rich data without the need for Internet, cell service, satellites or phone lines.


While LDLN tech is designed from the ground up around the most severe situation (no external power or data services), having any of these available strengthen the power of our network and syncing algorithms. For instance, our Base Stations can connect to the Internet via Ethernet, or to a generator or car battery via MicroUSB adapter. Additionally, we see opportunity to take our network technology beyond the scope of disaster relief, including: private communication networks for corporations, digital educational curricula distribution, and as a reliable grid for hospitals and medical centers.

Location: Cascadia Region, USA and Canada

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Matthew Grasser

Christopher Guess

Nick Ihm

Emily Duong

Kristine Sanchez

Sam Krueckeberg

Joyce de Vera

Arthur Chen


Frank Sanborn

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