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Powering Transparency and Access through Digital and Structured Public Records


In our digital age the pressing question is no longer what information should be digitized, but rather how this process of digitalization should take place. Most public information is currently organized by procedure; publisher’s name, due date, etc. However, the content - affected areas or people, topics, participants and more - remain largely unstructured. As a result, despite growing computational power, machines remain surprisingly incapable of giving us an answer to the seemingly simple question; what is going on in my community?


Commune offers municipal bodies a digital framework - ‘opn’ - to create, publish and archive public records as well structured open data, while simultaneously increasing their work efficiency and performance.


Municipality staffers will save time handling public information - local business and residents will gain better insight to government decision making processes and actions.

Location: New York City, NY

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Mikael Hveem

Ravi Tempalli

Taylor Kuhn

Joe Lamport


Center for Social Innovation

Manhattan Borough President's Office