Courses & Project Clinics

Graduate - and professional-level courses, for credit and/or for certification, on the overall governance innovation process, as well as on specific technology-enabled approaches to governance innovation.

Courses offered by partner organizations

  • March - May 2015

    Decision Analysis and Risk Management

    The aim of the course is to expose participants to the fundamentals of decision analysis, the connections between assessments and societal decision making, and the role of decision making in a pragmatic context of improving outcomes. Participants will learn to apply the scientific method and falsification in the context of an assessment, and know how to build an open assessment based on the requirements of societal decision making. The focus is on how to convincingly exclude poor decision options rather than trying to find a theoretically optimal solution (e.g. with highest expected utility).

    the University of Eastern Finland
  • 15 March - 12 April 2015

    Engaging citizens: a game-changer for development

    Governments are more effective when they work with citizens to solve problems and development challenges. For this reason, the World Bank, in partnership with the London School of Economics, The Overseas Development Institute, Participedia, and CIVICUS, has developed a free 4-week course on Citizen Engagement, hosted by Coursera.
    The course provides a holistic overview of citizen engagement through interactive videos, resources, and activities and is taught by a number of the foremost experts in the field, including John Gaventa (IDS, Coady Institute), Rakesh Rajani (Ford Foundation), Danny Sriskandarajah (CIVICUS), Jonathan Fox (American University), and Beth Simone Noveck (The Governance Lab). It examines the role citizen engagement can play in improving policymaking and pubic service delivery, and investigates the impact of new technologies, particularly in developing countries. Participants can contribute their own insights and connect with others through online forums, dedicated social media channels, and Google hangouts.

    The World Bank

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