Tech Procurement Projects: Making the Supply Chain Work

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Starts the week of

March 16 - 20

Course ends on

April 10, 2015

Application Deadline

March 6, 2015

Passionate about fixing the public procurement process?

  • Are you working to simplify the policy or regulations relating to procurement?
  • Do you have a project aimed at making procurement more transparent? Efficient? Accountable?
  • Are you eager to develop strategies for procuring more innovative and effective solutions from more diverse bidders?

Course Description

The way government purchases, especially information technology, is profoundly broken. Government should not be spending as much to make a website as it invests in scientific research to map the human brain. When the open government community talks about “Fixing Procurement” what we’re really talking about is making it so that the contracts don’t keep getting awarded to the same giant IT enterprise integrators over and over again. This group is designed for those focusing on all stages and types of contracting reform, bureaucracy and regulatory navigation at all levels of government, including projects to: simplify the RFP process; attract more minority and women-owned businesses; enable more open review and decision-making processes; encourage the procurement of innovative not only cheap solutions; decrease corruption and improve accountability, publish open contracting data or make sense of it. If you are engaged in an effort to bring greater sanity to the procurement process -- especially technology procurement -- come join us! The ideal candidate is someone who knows the problem they are trying to solve and who has a project in mind.

Course Format

1 faculty-led session every week for 2 hours (one hour is with a guest expert and one hour is an all-group session); and a personalized schedule of peer-to-peer and one-on-one coaching sessions.

Course Duration: 4 weeks

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