Limited enrollment (maximum class size 30; maximum number of teams, 6), customized 1-2 day, intensively “hands on,” in-person working sessions for city - and government agency-based teams preparing to wrestle with the specific issues and challenges at one or another stage of the governance innovation process

A few workshops, duly noted, are offered on specific dates and open to application by all

  • WHO Teams of civic entrepreneurs, especially in government or other organizations. Maximum of 30 individuals and/or 6 teams
  • WHAT Highly interactive workshop, leveraging a combination of mini-lectures, team-based exercises, and post-session follow-up
  • WHEN 1-2 day sessions by arrangement
  • WHERE In-person

Workshops offered by partner organizations

  • Open Data in a Day

    New to open data? Get started with our one-day interactive course run by our experts. This introductory, jargon free course will enable you to quickly get a 360 degree view of the open data landscape.

    ODI - Open Data Institute
  • Open Data in Practice

    Looking to take advantage of open data in your organisation? This intensive and interactive three day course, is essential for those looking to build on their open data skills. Learn how to publish, consume and exploit open data to act on opportunities.

    ODI - Open Data Institute
  • Finding Stories in Open Data

    Want to make open data come to life? This interactive one-day course will show you how to find stories in data and statistics, analyse and interpret your findings, and communicate this to your organisation, peers or the public.

    ODI - Open Data Institute
  • Open Data, Law and Licensing

    Want to use or publish open data, but need to understand the law and licensing? Designed for non-specialists, this practical morning course will examine the essential information you need to know on open data and the law.

    ODI - Open Data Institute

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