Program Offers

  • Frequent and constructive feedback
  • Customized and original learning materials
  • Peer-to-peer support
  • Connections to skills and topic mentors
  • Group meetings online with faculty and expert guests. Faculty and staff online office hours with the teams to address project progress



Suggest a Coaching Program

Program Information

  • WHO - Public entreprenuers with an identified project on a specific civic-tech theme. Maximum of 12 individuals and/or teams per program. By application only.
  • WHAT - A blend of group sessions, peer-to-peer coaching, expert mentoring and private office hours with academy faculty.
  • WHEN - Every week (for 5 weeks) or every other week (for 10 weeks)
  • WHERE - Online




Our Method

Defining the problem
Describing the project
Engaging with people and data
Measuring impact
Persuading the audience
Prototype, Test, Evolve
  • A flexible, customized program responsive to the participants’ specific needs and challenges
  • Rigorous diagnosis of impediments to project implementation
  • Emphasis on specific and evidence-based problem definition to ensure that the project solves a well-defined problem
  • A combination of subject-matter and skills-based training to address both deficits in knowledge about innovation and in know how about how to apply that knowledge to one’s own project
  • Peer-to-peer support where similarly situated public entrepreneurs counsel and support each other through challenges together
  • Mentoring and coaching from experts with a track record of leading successful social change
  • High-quality original and curated content, tools, and resources
  • Successful participants receive an authenticated, digital certificate upon completion

Past Courses