Puneet Kishor

Since 1985 Puneet’s career has spanned rural appropriate technology design to international development, academia, research and science information policy.

He is currently an independent consultant with The World Bank and also has an appointment at the Department of GeoScience, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, USA where he is working on PaleoDeepDive, a machine reading and learning system, built upon a new kind of digital library resource.

Before that he was the Manager of Science and Data Policy at Creative Commons where he focused on open data, text and data mining, open science policy, and citizen-sourced information. He has also been a member of the CODATA Task Group on Data Citation Standards and Practices, and co-authored the chapter on Emerging Principles for Data Citation in the Task Group’s report titled “Out of Cite, Out of Mind.” Puneet’s current interest is in open sensor-based hardware, ethical issues around citizen-sourced information, licensing open hardware and certification of data quality, novel ways of citizen-engagement, and promoting hacker/maker spaces for learning-by-making, teaching-by-doing.