Claus Mullie

Claus Mullie joined Citymart in 2015, Claus contributed extensively to Citymart’s Procurement Institute, a large online resource designed to train city officials on innovative procurement. This included researching and compiling case study material.

Claus has also managed the research and outreach processes for the Sheffield Smart Lab challenge, focusing on housebound adult care, and the Da Nang Social Cohesion challenge, focusing on community building in public space.

More recently he designed and managed Tech Londoners, a Citymart partnership with The Mayor of London, which brings together London’s technology entrepreneurs and community groups to co-design the future of smart care in London.

Currently, Claus is working closely with the City of Eindhoven to develop the city’s problem solving methodology and new approaches to procurement for their social services department. Claus also delivers capacity building workshops to entrepreneurs as well as to city leadership to strengthen the city government’s problem-solving and innovation capacity as well as give them new ways to engage their local vendor community.

Before Citymart, Claus worked with the European Commission’s Smart City Unit (DG Connect) and the New Cities Foundation to help city governments spearhead innovation. He holds an MSc in Urbanisation from the London School of Economics and a BSc in Politics and International Relations from the University of Manchester.