Uthman Olagoke

Uthman is an experienced project manager at Citymart, working with cities to find solutions that will elevate the quality of life for citizens and bring innovation to the inner-workings of government.

Uthman is currently managing partnerships with the cities of Detroit, Miami, New Orleans, Bristol, Da Nang and Melbourne to use procurement as a problem-solving tool through Citymart’s open challenge framework. He serves as the main point of contact for each city, providing them with support and technical assistance as they go through the 6-step challenge process (develop problem statement, develop solicitation package, launch open challenge, engage market, and select best solution).

Uthman also manages a team of analysts that conduct research and outreach to find the relevant solutions for a challenge and encourage their participation. Uthman has managed open challenges ranging from social cohesion in Bristol, UK to transportation and congestion in Melbourne, Australia to the digital divide in New Orleans, LA. Uthman also manages the relationship with the foundations sponsoring the open challenges in each city. Working with each city, Uthman adapts the open challenge process and problem-based procurement tools to each city’s distinct government environment. He also delivers capacity building workshops to city leadership to strengthen the city government’s problem-solving and innovation capacity as well as give them new ways to engage their local vendor community.

Before joining Citymart, Uthman worked at Bennett Midland, a management consulting firm in New York City, which worked exclusively with the civic and public sectors, where he provided project management and technical assistance support to 19 city governments around the world funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies to deliver bold solutions to complex municipal challenges using the Innovation Delivery approach.

Uthman also managed Results for America’s Local Moneyball for Government Fellowship, providing project management support to 12 senior local government officials in the United States implementing data and evidence-based tools in their cities. He graduated from Dartmouth College in 2011 with a degree in Government and Sociology.