Nina Robbins

Nina Robbins is a Project Manager at Citymart responsible for a portfolio of partnerships with leading global cities such as New York City and Eindhoven. At Citymart, she has successfully led challenge-based procurement and problem-solving projects for the cities of Long Beach, Philadelphia and New York City. Nina further managed the co-creation of Citymart’s Opportunity Builder online tool with a group of partner cities to establish common needs, taxonomies and use-cases.

Nina has over seven years of program management experience, including planning, implementing, managing and evaluating programs from inception to completion.

Before working at Citymart she led the re-launch of New York City’s Workforce1 Healthcare Career Center initiative. In her first sixth months on the job, she was tasked with coordinating the hiring and training of 15 new staff, negotiating contractual agreements with New York City’s vendor, developing start up tools and guidelines for performance management, designing service delivery sequences and ensuring the provision of quality job-readiness, training and recruitment services. To date, the new center has connected over 1,000 individuals to quality jobs.

In 2010, Nina was awarded an Urban and Social Policy Program Fellowships at Columbia University, where she designed and began to implement a program improvement plan. During her tenure, student enrollment in the program doubled, nine new urban policy courses were developed, the Urban and Social Policy speaker series was launched and two additional faculty lines were added.

Nina holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Virginia and a Masters Degree in Urban Policy from Columbia University.