Innovation Lab Quito

Co-Creating High Impact Solutions for Quito


Linq, the Innovation Lab at the city of Quito, is a space for reinventing governance. We see Linq as filling up the -thus far empty- area between civil society and local government for co-creating solutions to the most urgent urban challenges. We work in three main areas aligned to the Mayor's agenda concerning mobility, urban and social issues. We co-create virtually, through a networking-like web platform, and soon we will hold dynamic workshops with various interest groups to foster such relationships, spot innovative ideas and transform them into disruptive solutions.


LINQ is a space for dialogue and direct collaboration between citizens, local and international organizations, colleges, as well as public and private sectors; with the purpose of co-creating high impact of solutions to our most pressing issues.


The expected impact of innovating in the public sector is uncertain. However, it is practically undeniable that life has greatly changed in the last two decades (mainly due to technology), yet government structures have remained virtually the same for the past 200 years. The impact of reinventing governance and adapting it to current times is thus expected to be immense.


Quito Ecuador Latin America and the Caribbean


Open Data Open Contracting Data Analytics Crowdsourcing Collective Intelligence Citizen Engagement Citizen Science


  • Carolina Pozo, Founder & Executive Director
  • Carlos Vayas, Co-Founder & General Director
  • Juan Martin Merlo, Coordinator
  • Jimena Romero, Coordinator
  • Daniel Aguilar, Engagement Communicator


  • The GovLab
  • People for Global Transformation (PGT)
  • Corporate Service Corps - IBM
  • CISCO - NetAcad

Region: Latin America and the Caribbean

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