NYC: Prepared

technologists and local leaders working together to co-create disaster relief and community resilience software solutions


Occupy Sandy formed in response to Superstorm Sandy, which hit New York City in October 2012. In its first year, it mobilized approximately 60,000 volunteers, channeled over two million dollars worth of donations, and tracked activity at over 300 hubs throughout the city. NYC:Prepared formed within Occupy Sandy and continues its work by providing free and open source information management tools and trainings to community leaders and civic institutions to increase their capacity to effectively share information during times of disaster.


NYC: Prepared is a coalition of technologists and local leaders working together to co-create free/libre/open disaster relief and community resilience information management solutions for New York City.


We offer tools and training to approximately 300 organizations in the NYC area that responded to Superstorm Sandy. Tools include: - Resource management system to share contacts, request and logistics management tools. - Open data portal containing over 100 datasets crucial to improving community resilience. - Website builder that offers organizations free sites. Trainings include: - Data Basics teach people important concepts and concrete techniques. - Google Apps shows people how to use popular collaboration tools. - WordPress Basics trains people to build and manage their own, independent websites.


New York City United States North America


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  • Occupy Sandy Spokescouncil
  • Staten Island Long Term Recovery Group
  • Brooklyn Long Term Recovery Groups
  • LES Ready
  • NYC Long Term Recovery Coalition
  • Sahana Software Foundation

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