Open Journalism

Journalists and Citizens United in Reporting Public Issues

Uniting Journalists and Citizens to Create Public-Oriented News Reports on Public Issues


The project started as a collaboration between two OEA fellows in Open government. Open Journalism connects the tools and techniques of crowdsourcing to news making practices. Instead of opening governments, we are open news media outlets to include citizens to make the news.


Our project makes use of crowdsourcing tools to unite journalists and citizens in making the news. We use the participative culture of the web to aid journalists to seek help of citizens in reporting public issues, and to aid motivated citizens to engage in the news agenda. We capacitative, challenge and motivate journalists, citizens and hackers to work together, constructively, in news making processes.


News industries are shrinking. Social media is booming. When we create participatory ways to not only consume, but to make the news, we can recreate how news industries are funded, and we can also highlight their role as watchdog, civic institutions. More news made based on open journalism culture means more citizens connected to the news, stronger civil society institutions, and new journalistic posts.


Latin America and the Caribbean


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  • Publica
  • the Creative Industries master programme at ESPM University, in Rio

Region: Latin America and the Caribbean

includes kosovo