Presupuesto Abierto (SpendView)

Democratizing Access to Public Finances Data


In 2010, Manuel Aristaran launched Gasto Publico Bahiense (gastopublicobahiense.org), a site that made it easier to visualize the checkbook entries published by the government of Bahia Blanca, Argentina. That impact of the initiative led to a collaboration with the government, that resulted in the sponsorship of SpendView.


Budgeting and expenditure data is the quantitative expression of a government’s priorities. Making it available to the public imposes hard challenges that not every administration is ready to undertake. The lack of IT capabilities and constrained resources of government agencies make it difficult for them to respond to the demands of information from their constituencies, transparency advocates, the press and central governments. Moreover, these administrations don’t usually have access to analysis tools that help them view how the resources are being used and to detect potential risks of misspending. SpendView is a platform for analysis and visualization of government budget, expenditure and revenue data.


We are currently working with other municipal, provincial and federal in Latin America, helping them to adopt SpendView for internal use, or as a tool for fiscal transparency. Using open data, we built instances of Presupuesto Abierto/Spend View for the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina (http://caba.presupuestoabierto.org) and Montevideo, Uruguay (http://montevideo.presupuestoabierto.org)




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  • Gobierno de Bahía Blanca
  • MIT Media Lab

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